Tuesday, May 06, 2008


Last Friday we made a short visit to Olde City to check out a few First Friday openings.

The seemingly hot show left me cold, "Vanitas" at Wexler Gallery. Maybe it's my aesthetic but I found the work overly luxe without much to interest . Maybe Wexler's focus on crafts and the beautiful Wendall Castle furniture and Dale Chilhauly bibelots placed around define the space. I thought the 250K Damien Hirst skull was emblematic. An expensive object as art. Maybe it's interesting in some context but in the show it struck me as not much except for a big price tag.

There were also these slightly perverse and slightly disturbing leather taxidermy dogs by Adelaide Paul which just weren't my cup of tea. They looked expensive, beautifully stitched leather over casts of dogs. You couldn't really argue with them but they brought to my mind expensive sex toys.

Also these wall mounted bell jar sculptures by Tim Tate with expensive looking electronics showing small videos. They weren't bad really they just didn't do enough for me. I looked at them for a bit but wanted more. I respond more to scruffy than precious I guess. Joe Boruchow showed these intricate paper cutouts which reminded me in a nice way of the Mexican festival paper banners. They piqued my interest to see more.

We also stopped in at Rodger Lapelle Gallery and saw Sarah Hunter's paintings of scrawly animals with lovely patches of paint. I adore these. My boyfriend wanted to just buy one but we're a little broke at the moment. I think she's fairly prolific as I think the first month we moved her (last september) she also had a show. I thought the work was even stronger this time. I remember more birds last time, which I liked but the newer work was a little more there. Cute birds are kind of on my cliche list. I was in Lowes the other day and they had these cute ceramic birds in the Garden department which looked stolen from the craft website "etsy" and a fair number of young painters. I digress these are beautiful paintings.

Lastly we saw at the Silicon galley digital prints by Judith Schechter. I thought the display of prints above the high tech printers in the old school printing space was fabulous. In my newness to the local scene I wasn't sure of the Artist's reputation but I think she's a well respected artist who seems to do these amazing stained glass scenes. An overlooked and cliched form such as stained glass seemed a brilliant medium. I looked though her monograph and my appetite was whet to see the originals. The prints on display were groovy . You could see the "craft" with her use of patterning and a weird flattened space. I also liked the portfolio of the suite of prints. It was a beautiful object with a seemingly artist designed fabric lining to the box which added.

So that was our quick trip through Olde City.

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